Fat Girls Finally Take Center Stage in Netflix’s Dumplin’

Stories about fat girls generally fall into one of two categories: weight loss stories or tales of overcoming insecurity. Most are written by non-fat writers who inevitably end up projecting their own stereotypical imaginings onto their characters, resulting in unconvincing portrayals at best and downright harmful representation at worst. Dumplin, based… View Post

Welcome to My Year Without Cis-Men

Another year has come and gone. The clock struck twelve, the ball dropped, and now the season of New Year’s Resolutions is upon is. As a rule, I try not to make grand, blindly optimistic resolutions, not because I don’t believe in setting long term goals, but because I know… View Post

Happy Belated Birthday, Mary Shelley

  I’ve been in a bit of a reading rut the last few weeks. Whenever that happens, I usually turn to reading something completely different from my usual picks to give myself a bit of a break, which is how I came to pull my recently acquired copy of the… View Post

Review | Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton

Once upon a time, in a castle carved of stone, a girl plotted murder.   For Mia Rose the world is simple, black and white. There is good and there is evil. There are humans and there are demons that look like humans. There are the Gwyrach, magical demons like… View Post