Selfie Sunday: Reflections in a Starbucks Window

I’m sitting at a window bar in Starbucks staring at a row of parallel parked cars and meters with no time left on them. It’s Sunday. And Sunday is the one day of the week you can venture downtown without digging for quarters in your coat pockets and between your… View Post

Selfie Sunday: Holy Shit the Sun Came Out and other Weekend Musings

Is posting this late in the day weird? I’ve never really been sure if morning or night would be better. I guess we’ll find out. Y’all the sun came out this weekend and there are no words to express the impact it has had on my mental health. The last… View Post

Unpopular Opinion: We Need More Sex in YA

  Happy Valentines y’all! Let’s talk about sex in teen lit, shall we? People are going to have some opinions about this one–I can feel it. #SorryNotSorry I find it very strange that we have absolutely no problem with violence in teen books, but oh man are we afraid of… View Post

10 Books with Black Main Characters to Read During Black History Month (And All Year Long)

This post is coming a bit later than I would have liked–you know, life and all that. But I wanted to get it out there anyway. It’s Black History Month! Personally I’m celebrating by reading a few beautifully diverse books with black main characters, and I’m inviting you to join… View Post

January 2017 Reading Wrap Up

My Goodreads challenge is laughing at me right now. Can you hear it? For someone who set kind of a crazy high (for me) reading goal for the year, I was a bit shit for the first month. *Hangs head in shame* But hey, it is what it is and… View Post