It Finally Happened: Moffat is Leaving Doctor Who

steven moffat leaving doctor who

Doesn’t he look tired?

I was half way through writing a completely different post when I read the most fantastic tweet I’ve ever read in my life.


For those of you who are new here and don’t know me, here’s some context: I have 99 problems with recent Doctor Who and Steven Moffat is literally all of them. He has basically run Doctor Who through the mud ever since he took over (though I will admit I didn’t hate the first season of Eleven.) He is not half as clever as he fancies himself, which results in convoluted storylines with more plot holes than a piece of swiss cheese, and he couldn’t write a decent female character if his life depended on it.

I have some very strong feelings about Steven Moffat, and none of them are positive. And I have had the terrible misfortune to have him running not one, but two of my favorite television shows. So while I don’t have much hope that he will ever hand over the reigns to Sherlock, I have been eagerly waiting for the day he announces he’s leaving Doctor Who.

And that day finally came.

And even better, Chris Chibnall- the writer for Broadchurch- has been announced as his replacement. Anyone who has seen Broadchurch knows this is almost guarantees a beautiful redemption for Doctor Who. And I cannot wait to finally be able to start watching and enjoying what used to be my absolute favorite show again. Like…oh my god I can’t even explain how excited I am right now.

This is a beginning of a new, bright era for the Whovians. It’s like I just heard the TARDIS noise outside my window. For the first time in ages I’m excited about Doctor Who again and I can’t wait to see where the show goes next.


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  • I stopped watching after 11. :O Gasp! Might start it back up now. Actually it’s really great news! Kind of excited – though clearly not as much as you. Lol. What season are they on now?

    • Katie Conigliaro

      Same. I feel bad because it is totally not Capaldi’s fault but even the last season of 11 wasnt that great. I just had no drive to keep watching.

      I want to say they are on 9 now? Or something like that?

  • I agree so much! I haven’t been able to click with this show since he took over and that makes me SO sad.. I can’t wait to see where the show goes. 😀 Also, poor Peter Capaldi. He really is a great Doctor and a great actor, I just haven’t been able to connect with the show during his run.

    • Katie Conigliaro

      I felt the same way about Matt Smith. He was such a fantastic actor and made an amazing Doctor. He deserved much better than he got- especially with his regeneration. I hated that episode. He deserved a much better send off than that rubbish.

  • Nichole

    Being a new Whovian I haven’t yet gotten to those episodes but I have noticed I cringe when I see his name on certain episodes. I’ve heard good and bad about the current seasons. I”ll be curious to see what its all about!

    • Katie Conigliaro

      I haven’t even watched the most recent season, it just couldn’t keep my attention. Though I suppose if I’m going to I need to now that Netflix is taking it off. Now or never. Ten is definitely my favorite Who Era, personally.

      I actually tend to like Moffat’d individual episodes- Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead are definitely in my Top 10- but his overarching plotlines get so ridiculous and the companions roles take a definite hit when he takes over.

  • I don’t think I got past the first season for Eleven, so I haven’t seen the bad parts of Moffat yet, but I need to catch up. <3

  • You know, I’m glad you are someone that agrees with me. I mean Moffat’s time with Doctor Who really catapulted the show into the mainstream and reached people it would have never found before. But, once it hit it’s climax the writing began to suffer completely case in point….The past two seasons of Doctor Who and it is not Calpaldi’s fault at all rather the cards he has been dealt by writing. Although, I would not be surprised if Calpadi announced he was leaving the show after only 3 seasons which is very typical of actors playing The Doctor.

    • Katie Conigliaro

      I haven’t actually watched any of Capaldi save for the first few episodes. I feel bad for him and Matt Smith though. They’re both brilliant actors who just got awful scripts to work with. I do believe I read somewhere that Capaldi was thinking about leaving soon, though.

  • When I read: “He is not half as clever as he fancies himself, which results in convoluted storylines with more plot holes than a piece swiss cheese, and he couldn’t write a decent female character if his life depended on it.” I waved my hand in agreement like I was in church saying “Amen!”
    This has been my problem with him. He’s GREAT at clever one-shots (including the recent River episode). But the man can’t carry a series.

    +5 for the: “Doesn’t he look tired?” that made me giggle!

    • Katie Conigliaro

      I totally agree. Most of my favorite episodes are written by him, but when it comes to running the entire show he is just not cut out for it. It gives him way to much power and he just isn’t clever enough to pull off the types of plots he keeps trying to write.

      Hehe I’m glad! Been saying it for years!

  • Danielle Knapp

    My husband and I were just about to start Doctor Who, but with his departure can he speed up the process on Sherlock :p

    • Katie Conigliaro

      Probably not. I think with Sherlock the biggest issue is Benedict and Martin’s schedules. They have gotten much more popular since season one so they’re more in demand for other roles.

      I hope you enjoy Doctor Who! You’ve got 4 solid seasons before Moffat takes over, and to be honest I didn’t hate the first season Moffat ran, though I still stand by my female character gripe beginning to end.

  • I’ve been back and forth on Who for a while now, mainly because of the writing. I’m hoping that this change will sway be back to being a Whovian.

  • Couldn’t have put this better myself! I am in love with your whole swiss cheese description!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo