Gamer Girl Monthly Unboxing: January!

gamer girl monthly unboxing janauary

Are you a gamer? Are you a girl (or a fella who likes to get his accessory on; we don’t make assumptions in the Nerdlands, ya’ll)? Then you absolutely HAVE to check out the Gamer Girl Monthly subscription box.

I had been searching for a nerdy subscription box for awhile and could not seem to find one that quite fit. I like the concept of Loot Crate, but I didn’t want to subscribe to something with such specific themes every month, because I knew I would only be interested in every few boxes. Others were a bit more my style, but were simply too expensive for me commit to at the moment. When I finally stumbled upon Gamer Girl Monthly I knew I had found my match. Gorgeous gaming inspired jewelry for less than $20 a month? Sold.

I’ve actually been subscribed for a few months, I just haven’t gotten around to doing any unboxing posts until now. I’ll probably do a post later with my favorite pieces from all of the boxes so far, because let me tell you I have acquired some awesome shit in the last few months. But for now let’s revel in the beauties that came in January’s box!

Like most nerdy subscription boxes, every month of Gamer Girl Monthly has a theme. January’s theme was heroines!

gamer girl monthly unboxing january

Confession: I by complete coincidence grabbed the “Player 2” bracelet out first and did not immediately realize there was another one, so for a brief moment I was like “ummm I’m sorry what are you trying to say bitch” But how cool are these? I haven’t decided yet who gets to be my player two. Who really needs a player two, anyway? I could solo the crap out of that mission. Probably. Maybe. If I had a healer NPC.

Moving on…

gamer girl monthly unboxing january

Who needs a diamond when you can have a whole treasure chest? The ring is made of silver plated brass, so it is not something that is gonna break the first time you throw it in rage over not being able to find the last bit of treasure in a level.

Okay, but doesn’t it kind of look like the dog from Adventure Time a little bit? Just me? That’s cool.

gamer girl monthly unboxing january


I think every Gamer Girl Monthly subscription box I’ve gotten so far has represented Legend of Zelda in one way or another, and if you know me you know the Zelda series is my bae. If you knew me you would also know I’m terrified of wasting things like this, so that Zelda sticker will probably stay in its packaging for years before I find something I deem worthy of sticking it to. I do think Zoey from Left for Dead will be hanging out on my laptop in the near future. I was pretty excited to see her included; she’s not exactly one of the first characters people think of these days, but she is always my go to in that game.

gamer girl monthly january unboxing

I have to confess that I have never actually played any of the Tomb Raider games. (I know, I know. Dishonor on my whole family. Noted.) They just weren’t really on my radar growing up. I do want to play them very badly now, I just haven’t had the chance yet with university and all. Nonetheless, this Tomb Raider necklace is pretty awesome and is even my favorite color. I’ll probably wait until I’ve played some of the game to start rep’n it, but I’m happy to have it all the same!


And there you have it! I will admit that as fantastic as this month was, it was not the best box I’ve gotten in my short time subscribed to them, just because I wasn’t 100% familiar with all the games included. Win some ya lose some. If you are on the fence definitely stick around for my “Best Of” post coming in the near future, because as a whole I am absolutely in love with this subscription box and have every intention of staying subscribed for awhile to come yet.

See something you like? If you want to check out the Gamer Girl Monthly box for yourself you can find more info on their website!



  • Yeah, that’s a risk I you take with those boxes each month. Can’t promise you are going to like what you get or are familiar with what you get. But it’s cool you’ve tried it out!

    • Katsyxo

      That’s actually why I love this box so much- I’m always familiar with at least one or two things I get even if they aren’t my number one favorite games. Tomb Raider is so popular that’s completely my fault for not having gotten around to it yet haha. This is the first month that’s happened to me though and I’ve been subbed since September I believe? Something like that, so those are odds I can get behind!

    • Katie Conigliaro

      This one is 100% worth the risk. I mean Tomb Raiders was totally my fault for not getting around to it, lmao. And this is the first month that has really happened. I figure I’m just getting the merch in advance on this one (:

  • Kay

    I absolutely thought that was a Jake the Dog ring from adventure time, and not a treasure chest – you are not alone! 🙂 Also, didn’t realize you were a giant Zelda fan…ME TOO! It’s what I would consider my ‘original fandom’ in that it was the first I became utterly obsessed with.

    • Katie Conigliaro

      RIght?? I thought so lol.

      And oh giiirrll let me explain you thing lmao. Ocarina of Time was basically my entire childhood (with a fair bit of pokemon tossed in to mix things up). I an forever obsessed with LoZ. I actually cried when they announced the upcoming game at E3 2 years ago lmao.

      • Kay

        Haha yessss. When I first bought a Wii it was legitimately only to play Twilight Princess, and I will probably only buy a new Nintendo console at this point to play new Zelda games. It’s a problem haha. 😀

  • Love this, im obsessed with lara croft, that necklace is perfect for me =]

    • Katie Conigliaro

      I have to admit I didn’t even know that’s what it was right away! I really need to get around to playing those games!

  • That pin and Zelda sticker <3 I neeeeeeeeed.

    Out of all the boxes how many times have you gotten earrings? That's one thing I'm concerned about with a box that gives gamer jewelry each month as my ears are not pierced.

    • Katie Conigliaro

      I have seriously gotten a zelda related thing in every box so far!! The Hylian Shield necklace is probably my favorite so far (:

      This is actually the first box that did not come with earrings I think, so they are fairly common I suppose, though I’m only going off of like 4 months.

  • I loooove those bracelets! So cute <3

  • those look so cool. My husband and I totally are looking for new subscription boxes, though… I’m pretty sure only I would get a kick out of this box. Lol.

    Never played Tomb Raider? Not really missing much. Gasp! Nope… didn’t say that. I’d be your player two. 😉 Buuuut… yeah I’m usually going in guns blazing and then mass dying a few seconds in. FTW!

    Husband just shakes his head at me and continues on without me. 🙁
    PS. Totally want your stickers. :O

  • Awwww those bracelets are so cute!!! 😀