New Year New Me: Goals and Resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year bitches!

Arguably, it is highly unlikely to be a great year for human society. 2016 dropped us down a pretty dark hole and I think it’s safe to say we have yet to hit the bottom. But do you wanna know how I know that 2017 is going to be a good year for me personally?

Because it’s starting on a Sunday!

Why does that matter? Because I have a weird, mildly unhealthy obsession with time and symmetry. I like starting new projects and life things in line with my calendar–at the beginning of a new week, new month, or new year. And 2017 draws a perfect line through all 3. In my obsessive mind, that is a seriously good omen. At least for my personal New Years goals and resolutions.


I love the feeling I get at the beginning of a new year. A fresh start with 365 days worth of endless possibilities. I inevitably end up losing sight of my goals and wander back to my old familiar habits, but those first days are like standing on top of a mountain looking out over a whole world that could be mine if only I could reach it.

2017 New Years Goals & Resolutions

1.  Complete a Draft of My Untitled Work in Progress

Two of the main characters–twin sisters–have been floating around in my head for over 6 years now, just waiting for me to find the world and story they belong in. I finally had this little epiphany moment this past year, and I spent the last few months brainstorming and planning. I am so excited to finally start writing and to see where the sisters’ adventures take me. This is the year I finally write my novel.

2. Write Every Day

Practice creates habits, right? I’m not setting a minimum word count or time limit on this one–I just want to get into the habit of writing every single day, whenever and however I can fit it in.

3. Read 100 Books

This is without a doubt my most lofty new year goal. Last year I failed to even read my goal of 50. But this is the first year in pretty much my entire life that I am not going to be a student. Now that I’m not scrambling to read for class anymore, I want to really push my personal reading goals into overdrive.

4. Read Outside my Comfort Zone

I love to read, but I tend to stick to my tried and true genres–namely YA fantasy and WWII era historical fiction. This year I want to read books that I would normally pass by for one reason or another. I want to read more nonfiction and I want it to be about topics I don’t normally read about. I’m not a student any more. No one is giving me a list of books to read that will teach me new things, so I need to make sure I seek them out for myself.

5. Actively Seek Out, Support, and Promote Diverse Stories and Creators

This is the one that is going to impact my blog the most. I realized at the end of last year that I get super excited when I read a book with diverse representation, but that I have done next to nothing to intentionally seek them out and support them. And this really bothered me. So this year I’m making it a point to actively seek out and support diverse stories and creators. Supporting marginalized creators and diverse work is more vital now than ever.

6. Journal Regularly

Getting everything I’m thinking out on paper is incredibly beneficial to my anxious mind, but I’ve been sporadic at best about giving myself the time to do it. This year I want to make it a priority.

7. Make Health & Wellness a Priority

Every year I say “I’m going to get in shape!” and every year I utterly fail to follow through. This year I’m changing my mindset to focusing on self care. I’m going to take the time to cook myself good food and to exercise because doing so is an act of self love. It is taking time out of my day to focus on my own well being–physically and mentally.

8. Book a Trip Abroad

A few years ago I spent 4 weeks studying abroad in Turkey. That was the first time I ever left the country, and I haven’t gone anywhere else since. I know I won’t be able to afford a trip this year, but I want to take active steps towards taking one next year. Right now I’m planning on going to Eastern Europe!

9. Actively Practice Self Love & Self Care Daily

I’m really good at validating other people’s mental health struggles, but I’ve never been particularly great at validating my own. This year, self love and self care are really my primary priority. I’m no longer going to sacrifice my own mental health and self care for the sake of other people, and I’m going to try really hard not to apologize for it.

I also just want to focus on small acts of daily self care–exercising, meditating, reading, writing, getting a good night’s sleep, drinking more water. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to lose sight of these little ways to care for yourself when you get busy with every day life.

10. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

I love being able to make other people smile, but I have a habit of getting stuck inside my own head. In the new year I want to make a point to do small things that will make other people smile, just for the sake of doing them.


Do you all have any new years goals or resolutions? I love hearing about what other people want to accomplish in the new year!


  • Kay

    Fantastic goals! Practicing random acts of kindness is so important. And often takes so little effort! Wishing you the best for 2017!

  • B.

    I hope you reach your goal of 100 books! I set mine at 30 for this year. And the rest of your goals sound amazing too!