Selfie Sunday: 24 Fun Facts About Me

(Why does this Insta filter always make my lipstick look so weird?) Happy Selfie Sunday! I turned 24 this past week, so I thought it would be kinda fun to do a quick fun facts about me to celebrate. I quickly realized there aren’t that many interesting things about me, though,… View Post

Recently Reading: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give was the Diversely Booked March read. Want to learn more about the Diversely Booked Book Club? Click here! I know that some people are wary of books with crazy hype behind them, and there is no book more hyped this year than THUG, but I assure you… View Post

Selfie Sunday: Reflections in a Starbucks Window

I’m sitting at a window bar in Starbucks staring at a row of parallel parked cars and meters with no time left on them. It’s Sunday. And Sunday is the one day of the week you can venture downtown without digging for quarters in your coat pockets and between your… View Post

Unpopular Opinion: We Need More Sex in YA

  Happy Valentines y’all! Let’s talk about sex in teen lit, shall we? People are going to have some opinions about this one–I can feel it. #SorryNotSorry I find it very strange that we have absolutely no problem with violence in teen books, but oh man are we afraid of… View Post