Goddess Alert: Demi Lovato Is On Fleek AF

This week on “Things That Make Me Question My Sexuality:” Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer music video. Which, in retrospect, I suppose was kind of the point.

    I feel like I blinked and suddenly Demi Lovato was Queen of the Universe. I think it is far more likely that I just haven’t been paying attention, but now that I am can we please just talk about her for a minute?

Don’t get me wrong. I have pretty much loved every single she has released over the past year or two; the rock I’ve been living under wasn’t that big. But I don’t really spend that much time keeping up on musical artists. Taylor Swift is one thing- the world makes sure we know when she does something fantastic, which she does pretty much daily- but Demi is not one who ends up trending on Facebook or Twitter often, so all I knew was what came on the radio, which means I knew Neon Lights, Really Don’t Care, and most recently Cool For The Summer. I very quickly got super addicted to that last one, because hello it is a fantastic song.

Then I saw the Cool For The Summer music video. And I almost died. Like at least twice. I don’t know if there are words for how much I love this video, but “yaaaass slaaayy” come to mind when I try.

Demi Lovato unapologetically owns her sexuality in this video and it is BEAUTIFUL. Every second of the video is positively dripping with confidence, which is such a huge thing for someone like Demi who has struggled with her self-image for a huge part of her life. Of course the masses have swarmed to shame her for being “too sexual” and a supposedly terrible role-model for both the way she dresses in this video and her recent cover photo for Cosmo, but she has repeatedly shut them down like the flawless goddess she is:

“If anything, it’s showing all of my fans who know my story and my journey that I’ve gone from hating every inch of my body to doing a photo shoot in my underwear in front of the entire world. That’s more of statement to me than just looking sexy on a magazine cover.”

What all of the haters (unsurprisingly) fail to realize, is that Demi’s decision to make such a sexy video has jack squat to do with wanting to be sexually appealing to anyone else, and everything to do with finally reaching a point in her life where she felt confident enough in her own skin to show it. The whole video is a celebration of her at last claiming control over her body image and her sexuality in general. I know this is hard for some people to understand so for anyone still confused I’ll type it slowly:

Women are capable of and allowed to make choices that have absolutely nothing to do with men. Not only are your boners not a priority, they don’t even make the list of minor considerations.

I’ll wait while you all recover from the shock.

Plus the song is explicitly about exploring her sexuality by being with a woman. So in this particular example the argument that her dressing sexually is about appealing to men falls even flatter than usual. Sorry about that.

I saw this video and was just so freaking excited for her. And it motivates me to keep working on my own body image issues so that some day I can be as confident in my own skin as she is. This video does not make her less of a role model for girls; it makes her a better one.

And if all that wasn’t enough inspiration and all around perfection in one video, there is also the matter of her hair. I am 100% obsessed. I’ve watched the video about 10 times solely focusing on her majestic hair flips. I am honest to god taking a picture of her with me to my next hair appointment because hello.

08 - IMhmaUh

If you have not seen the Cool For The Summer music video yet, your life is missing a vital 4 minutes and I highly encourage you to remedy the situation immediately. If you have seen the video I would love to know what you think! Are you as in love as I am? Let me know in the comments!