Streamys 2015: The Best of Online Video?

Photo via VH1

The 2015 Streamys were last night, and despite the brilliant and hilarious hosting of Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley I found myself…disappointed. And not just because Grace didn’t win Entertainer of the Year like she so obviously should have.

The awards up for grabs last night included such titles as Best Educational Show, Best Gaming Channel, and Best Writing, but you wouldn’t know that from just watching the award show. Of the 45 awards boasted by the Streamys, only 9 (10?) of them were actually presented during the live stream, and those videos that were selected did not offer a particularly good representation of just how diverse and varied online video actually is. Instead the Streamys focused almost exclusively on the comedy and lifestyle corner of the web, which while making up a decent portion of online video, is hardly representative of #TeamInternet.

The most subscribed channel on Youtube is a Gaming Channel, there are enough educational channels now to home school your kid with nothing more than a WiFi connection, and online video is increasingly becoming one of the primary sources Millennials and others turn to for current events. Yet none of these hugely influential portions of the online video community were featured during the show, and they- and others- were largely overlooked when it came to nominations for awards such as Best Show and Entertainer of the Year. And that just really bummed me out.

Watching the Streamys I couldn’t help but be reminded of the frustration in the blogging community not to long ago when the nominations for the Bloglovin Blog Awards were announced. While the Streamys certainly did a better job than Bloglovin, their nominations at least fell into more than 3 categories, it still felt as if a huge portion of the community the awards are meant to honor were being relegated to the sidelines. The best part of online video is that it gives anyone the opportunity to create and share content, which has enabled it to become the widely diverse community it is today; next year I’d like to see the Streamys do a better job of celebrating that.