Dictionary of Top Reaction GIFs

I had a more thoughtful, existential type post planned for today, but I don’t really like to post too many “serious” posts in a row, so I decided to wait on that one and, well, here we are.



I am a huge fan of the GIF (pronounced with a bloody G because otherwise you should have used a J, okay). I used to be very involved on (read: addicted to) Tumblr, so needless to say GIFs quickly came to have a special place in my heart and my writing. I would spend ages on Google looking for a particular GIF that I knew would be a perfect addition or response to a post I’d found or was writing. I have an entire folder on my computer dedicated to GIFs that I was tired of having to look up every time I wanted to use them.

There is an art to choosing the right GIF for a given situation, and what GIFs you choose says a lot about who you are as a person. Through making this list, for example, I learned that I really only ever use GIFs when I’m being sassy or sarcastic. I do not use GIFs on this blog often, but the day Twitter started supporting GIFs was one of the greatest days of my digital life, so I thought it would be fun to share my favorite go-to GIFs for all your wants and feels. So, in no particular order, here are the reaction GIFs that are absolutely mandatory for any GIF Folder.

*Warning for Harry Potter Spoilers*

1. Tenth Doctor Laughing

Possible Uses:
  1. When somebody says something unbelievably ignorant or absurd.
  2. When somebody shares a stupid and/or silly mistake, their own or someone else’s.
  3. When someone gets rightfully burned.
  1. “GamerGate is about ethics in gaming journalism.”
  2. “Been trying to listen to music at the library for 10 minutes. Thought my headphones were going bad. Turns out they just weren’t plugged in.”

 2. Nathan Fillion Desperately Trying to Get You to Stop Talking

Possible Uses:
  1. When you can’t find words to explain just how wrong a person is, particularly if they are ranting.
  2. When someone tries to put words in your mouth, particularly if they are ranting. Equivalent of “wait…no…stop…what I meant was…”
  3. When you just need someone to shut up and listen for like 5 seconds
  1. “I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic/etc, but….”

3. Loki Side-Eye

Possible Uses:
  1. When someone/a group you are not a part of is freaking out over something, most likely something ridiculous.
  2. When comment-spectating a fight you are not a part of.
  3. When someone tries to talk to you/ask you about something you absolutely do not care about.
  4. When someone automatically assumes you agree with them about something when you don’t.
  1. See: whatever One Direction fandom hashtag is trending on Twitter
  2. “Oh my god did you hear that a new 50 Shades book came out!?”
  3. “Wow, you’re pretty good at this for a girl.”

4. Sass Master West Collins Rolling His Eyes

Possible Uses:
  1. When you are 1000% done with this conversation.
  2. Anytime you have absolutely any desire whatsoever to be sassy.
  1. “Guys don’t like girls who…”
  2. *insert every un-ironically made complaint ever made about being friend-zoned*
  3. *Insert passive aggressive sub-tweets*

5. Snape Walking Away

Possible Uses:
  1. When someone says something unbelievably ignorant or stupid.
  2. Anytime you are responding to a troll.
  3. Equivalent of “I have no time for this shit.”
  1. “It snowed last night, so obviously climate change is a hoax.”
  2. “Other people have it way worse, quit complaining.”
  3. “Snape was such a terrible character and didn’t deserve any of the respect Harry gave him after he died.”


6. John Watson Screaming “No it’s not!”

Possible Uses:
  1. When something false is stated as fact.
  1. “Feminism is sexist against men.”
  2. “Anime is just for kids.”
  3. “Doctor Who is a much better show now that Moffat is in charge.”

And A Few Runner Ups That I Also Love:


This was supposed to be a quick silly post and I ended up spending way more time doing this than I had planned. But there it is! If you liked it let me know and maybe even hit that pesky follow button on the right. Did I miss any of your favorite reaction GIFs? What are your favorites?