What I’m Playing: Yoshi’s Woolly World

October was a rather stressful month and I was not coping particularly well with the stress that comes with working 2 jobs and going to school full time. I was also somewhat broker than usual, so when Yoshi’s Woolly World- a game I’d been waiting to release for over a year- finally came out, I reluctantly made the responsible choice not to buy it. (I did however buy the Amiibo. Its called a compromise, okay? Very adulty.)

Instead, my mom, being the fantastic human that she is, decided I could use some help relaxing and bought me the freaking game. And I almost cried.


As soon as Nintendo announced the game I started counting down to its release. I mean just look at it, how could you not? It is so freaking cute! The entire game is designed like a homemade craft project, which is not only adorable but also really clever. The level design is brilliant stylistically speaking. I have only made it to the second world so far, but one of my favorite parts of playing the game is playing a new level for the first time and seeing all the creative ways they use craft materials in the design and how the adapted all of the classic Yoshi elements- Yoshi’s eggs, the shy guys, Poochy- into the craft theme (the chain chomps are by far my favorite, so far).

Like every Yoshi game, Woolly World is meant to be playable for all ages, so it is not the most difficult game in the world. It is based around puzzles though, and some are harder to work out than others. The levels on their own are fairly easy to make it through- though as I said I’m only on World 2 so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about- but the game gets considerably harder when you play for completion. A lot of the puzzles that reward you with the extra items- yarns spools, or stamps- are set up so you have to them right the first time or you have to start the entire level over and try again. And if you’re anything like me you won’t even realize there was an extra puzzle to solve until you’ve already screwed it up. Holla.

There is more to the game that I have not seen than what I have, but I already love it. I cannot wait to see what more the game has in store for me.

Who else is loving or wanting this game? And while you’re all here, tell me whether you think I should buy the pink or the green woolly Yoshi amiibo. My little blue buddy needs a friend and also I just think Yoshi family Christmas pictures would be a glorious use of my time next month.

OH! And if anyone is interested, I have actually started an Instagram account specifically for my gaming adventures, which you can follow here if you like!