Don’t Read This Unless You’re Ready for a New Obsession

Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you….

hamilton the musical

Heyo I’m just like my country I’m young, scrappy and hungry, and I’m not throwing away my shot!

A lot of you have probably heard the word Hamilton being tossed around recently and are maybe wondering what on earth everyone is talking about. Well let me tell you: Hamilton is hip-hop musical about the life of American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton.

There’s a sentence you don’t hear every day, eh?

And what’s probably even more surprising? It is a fucking masterpiece. Zero exaggeration. It is phenomenal in every single respect.

My boyfriend started playing the music from Hamilton around our apartment last week, and to be honest I wasn’t paying it much attention- I am in my last semester of university I do not have time to get sucked down into a new rabbit hole right now. But “You’ll Be Back,” the hilarious song sung by King George (Jonathon Groff) after the colonies declare independence, cracked me up every single time, so eventually curiosity got the better of me.

That curiosity ended with me sitting in the middle of the main building on my campus crying over bloody Alexander Hamilton, of all things. Seriously. I’m a freaking history major. I knew how he died, I knew the entire time how it was going to end, and yet…

So now you’re all sitting there thinking “okay but you’re one of those crazies who actually likes history, so of course you liked it.” Well first of all I actually kind of despise dealing with early American history. I recognize its importance and all, but I get bored pretty quickly.

But beyond that, if this was something only a history nerd would enjoy, I somehow doubt it would be outselling every other show currently running on Broadway. And yet that is exactly what Hamilton has managed to do. The show is sold out through August, and is mostly sold out through October. *sobs violently*

The music to this show is a work of genius. All you need is one listen through, or a quick look at any of the lyric pages on Genius– all of which have been extensively annotated- to understand just how amazing Hamilton is. Not convinced? Here are a few of my personal favorite songs to get you started off:


The Schuyler Sisters – In which the Schuyler sisters walk the streets of the greatest city in the world.

You’ll Be Back – In which King George is wholly un-amused with all this independence talk.

Right Hand Man – In which George Washington is introduced and Hamilton gets his shot.

Guns and Ships – In which Lafayette is introduced and the tide of the revolution turns for the underdogs.

Cabinet Battle #1 – In which Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton go at it in a freaking RAP BATTLE.

I Know Him – In which King George is perplexed by the whole “changing leaders” concept when Washington leaves office.


I could list practically every song from the show to be honest, but I dare you to listen to a few of those and then tell me you didn’t immediately need to listen to the whole damn thing. I DARE you.

Listen to it. Tweet me about it. I need more people to fangirl with over this. Also Brits- tell me what you think of King George’s songs; I’ve been curious. And if you’ve listened to it already, how many references did you find in this post? Ha!