February Gamer Girl Monthly Unboxing

I’m the worst. I know. To say that the last month or so has been insane would be an understatement, and honestly I cannot even promise a return to a regular posting schedule just yet because the craziness is far from over. But in the mean time check out all the cool shit I got in last month’s Gamer Girl Monthly box!


*Update: I am super excited to announce that the lovely ladies at Gamer Girl Monthly have given me a promo code  to share with my readers!  Enter KATSY in the promo/coupon box at checkout to get $3 off your first month!*

The theme of the February box was healing, which was oddly fitting considering I have been sick for over a month and a half now (seriously), so I could use some healing magix right about now. Needless to say it came with all sorts of protection charms and support magic accessories to help keep you alive long enough to reach that next elusive save point. Pieces from this month’s box were inspired by Legend of Zelda, Plants vs Zombies, Left 4 Dead, and Final Fantasy!

Let’s start with what was obviously my personal favorite piece in this month’s box, the Legend of Zelda potion necklace!


I feel like we all just need to take a moment to appreciate how clever and cute this potion charm is. I’m obsessed. I’ve been wearing it everywhere since I got it. It is a great way to rep my favorite game while being a bit more subtle than, say, my Hylian Shield necklace, which is a bit more in your face. I absolutely love my shield necklace, obviously, but this is a bit easier to pair with your average work clothes. I also really love it because the chain is adjustable; I prefer to wear my chains shorter than some people, so I love having that option.

Funny story: I wore this necklace to work and one of my non-gamer managers complimented me on my wine bottle necklace. And if we’re being honest, wine or potion is a win-win either way.

Moving on to these awesome Left 4 Dead med kit earrings!

Gamer_Girl_Monthly_February_Med_Kit_Earrings *Best Bill impression* “Med kits here!”

You never know when your player two is going to accidentally wake up the Witch, or when a Tank is going to decide to come out and play, so it never hurts to have a couple of med kits on hand (ear?) at all times. Plus, what a great conversation starter, am I right?

Left 4 Dead is, in my opinion, quickly becoming an unfairly forgotten and underrated game, so I’m pumped to see it featured in another Gamer Girl Monthly box!

Next we have a Plants Vs Zombies charm bracelet!


So funny story. I actually intended for this post to go up on Wednesday night, but while writing it I decided I wanted to try out Plants Vs Zombies so I could say that I’d played it. I googled it and played the free version, and then after I beat that I went ahead and bought the full version off Steam, and long story short I spent the rest of the night fighting off zombie hoards with mushrooms instead of writing.

That said, I’m 100% more excited about this bracelet now than I was when I first opened the box, because beforehand the pictures on the charms didn’t mean much, ya know? But the game is actually rather clever, and now I’m ready to rep my zombie fighting skills. Maybe that sunflower charm will bring me some extra sunshine during this bipolar Michigan spring.

Last, but not least, Aeris’ hair bow from Final Fantasy VII!


*Mentally prepares for angry comments*

*Deep breath*

So here’s the thing…I’ve never played Final Fantasy. And honestly I’ve never really felt that inclined to play it. I’m not ever sure why because I’m sure if I did play them I’d enjoy them, and you are welcome to try to convince me to give them a shot in the comments, but… I don’t know. Maybe after I graduate and have a little bit more free time to commit to gaming I’ll give them a try. *shrugs*

That said, this bow is cute, super well made, and frankly is just a cosplayer’s dream, because Aeris is far from the only character who wears a giant ass bow. And while I might not be into Final Fantasy at the moment, I very very much hope to get into cosplaying after graduation, so one way or another, I’m hopefully going to find something fun to do with this!

There we have it! If like me you think this is the greatest idea for a sub box you’ve ever heard and want to get in on the fun, pop over to Gamergirlmonthly.com! There is still time to sign up in time to get the March box, the theme for which is darkness!


As of the March 2016 box, I am receiving a free subscription from Gamer Girl in exchange for their use of my photography. This in no way impacts my review of the box itself.