I Choose…Who? Thoughts on the New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer!


I am rep’n my Pokemon tank-top today in celebration of a real Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer being released at last!

Mornings like today remind me that I am surrounded by fabulous people. My friend Tim (who semi-periodically blogs here and is just great so check him out) texted me excitedly at 10am this morning exclaiming that he had decided he was going to get Pokemon Sun and was going with the Grass starter. And I, having not yet rolled out of bed, was very confused, because how on earth can you choose between games before the legendary pokemon have been revealed? And what do you mean you picked a starter? Those were all just predictions, weren’t they?

Within minutes of me texting him all of that back, my boyfriend called me and frantically insisted I go watch the video he had just posted on Facebook. And suddenly things started to make a lot more sense.

I really wish I would have had the foresight to record my initial reaction to the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer because oooh my gosh I am SO excited!

First of all, I love that this game is set in the tropics. For one thing it just makes for a gorgeous game. I mean say hello to paradise.


More importantly, however, I’m psyched that this region is tropical because it naturally lends itself to including a volcano area, which means we will finally be able to catch some Fire types in a place that makes sense without having to desperately search for someone with a Fire type friend safari. And I don’t know about you, but that definitely looks like a dormant volcano to me!

Pokemon sun and moon map volcano fire region

On a related note: Nintendo, I am begging you to include Vulpix in this game. All I have ever wanted was to catch a Vulpix. It would get along so well with my Sylveon and Delphox. I do not think that is asking much, do you?

Pleeaase, Nintendo. I need one.

Moving on to the thing we were all really waiting for, the Pokemon Sun and Moon starter pokemon have officially been revealed!

Pokemon Sun And Moon Starter Pokemon

And so begins six months of panic as I try to decide which starter pokemon to choose. I know some people stick to the same type every game, but I’ve never been one of them. Although, now that I think of it I do not believe I have ever chosen a Water starter. Weird.

First, we have the Grass type starter, Rowlet!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Grass Starter Rowlet

Look at its little leaf bowtie! Rowlet is pretty adorable, though it being an owl makes me think its final evolution might be a bit intense and serious looking. At the same time, having a grass/flying type starter pokemon definitely has its advantages. Flying pokemon have high resistance to Bug, Fighting, and Grass type attacks, and are totally immune to Ground type attacks. This is pretty useful in a Grass starter considering Grass type pokemon have the most type-specific weaknesses, so the dual type will definitely help balance Rowlet out as a starter. Personally, I’ve never struggled nearly so much with Grass starters as some people claim they have- I absolutely ADORED my Chikorita and she kicked ASS- but maybe this will help convince a few more people to give the Grass starters a go.

Next we have the Fire type starter, Litten!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Fire Starter Litten

This is the part of the trailer where I genuinely lost it. Litten. It’s a lit kitten. I cannot handle Nintendo right now. But I am somewhat considering choosing this starter just because its name is so fabulous. Also, SUPER cute.

I have always been partial to the Fire starters, personally. I chose Fennekin in Pokemon X without a second thought, and when I finally got around to buying Alpha Sapphire, after some brief debate, I decided on Torchic. So Litten has a bit of a head start when it comes to which starter pokemon I will choose for Sun or Moon. Then again, part of the reason I love picking the Fire starter is that Fire types tend to be really difficult to find in game, because there are rarely any fire specific regions. With that volcano hopefully changing that, maybe I can be convinced to try out a different starter.

Last but not least, Popplio the Water starter.

Pokemon Sun and Moon starter water starter popplio


This is the first time since Piplup that a water starter has really caught my attention. I’m not sure why I never lean in that direction; I really loved Squirtle, to be fair. Either way I cannot wait to see what Popplio evolves into, though I do kinda hope it is slightly less circus-y. Circus animals just make me sad, you know?

If I’m being honest, I 100% choose my starter pokemon based on how cute they and their final evolution are, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Which makes choosing between these three adorable options rather difficult, especially since we do not know what they evolve into yet! Right now, though, my debate is definitely between Litten and Popplio, with a strong leaning towards Litten. I’m a Fire girl at heart, I suppose.

While I normally have a very difficult time deciding which starter pokemon I want, I generally have no trouble at all deciding which of the games I want. One legendary pokemon always speaks to me and I know that is the game I need to get.

This time is a little different.

Her is the legendary pokemon for Pokemon Sun:

Pokemon Sun Legendary Pokemon

…and here is the legendary pokemon for Pokemon Moon:

Pokemon Moon Legendary Pokmeon

Normally I feel like there would be no question between a lion and a bat; I am naturally drawn to the feline based pokemon for some reason. But something about the Pokemon Moon legendary has peeked my interest. It just looks SUPER awesome and like it would probably make my foes turn and run for their lives. I like that in a legendary pokemon. So for the first time in a good long time, I will have to spend some time thinking about which Pokemon game to get. (Un)Fortunately I have six months left to make up my mind.

I am super excited to find out what types the two legendary pokemon are. It seems likely that the Pokemon Sun legendary will be a Fire type, though it might be a dual-type. The Pokemon Moon legendary is obviously a Flying type, but I am very eager to know what its second type is. My money is on Psychic, but we’ll have to wait and see.

All in all I am super pumped for these games. The new pokemon look great and honestly a pokemon game never disappoints. The gameplay looks like there are still some finishing touches to work out- it looks a bit pixelated at the moment- but I have no doubt it will be beautiful by the time it’s in my DS.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer? Any idea which game and/or which starter you’ll be choosing?