Gotta Watch’em All: Pokemon Live Blog Episode 2

Gotta Watch'em All Pokemon Live Blog Episode 2

Welcome back to Gotta Watch’em All, where my IRL personality comes alive and grammar rules come to die because my stream of consciousness does not bother with commas. If you haven’t read the first post probably do that first. It’s cool, I’ll wait.

…Okay I’m done waiting this train is leaving without you sucker. Press play; here we go.

This might be the only opening that I don’t skip on Netflix. No scratch that, it is one of two- I LOVE the first opening of FMA: Brotherhood. It’s “Again” by Yui and I actually made a point to learn to words because I loved it so much. So fun fact: I can sing (almost all of) a song in Japanese. And I never skip that intro.

I’M ON THE ROAD TO VIRIDIAN CITY!! I forgot that was the first town he goes to. I can’t wait for 100 episodes from now when I get to hear that song. I fucking love that song; it is my Pokemon jam (okay so all Pokemon songs are my jam let’s be real). I actually played it in the car driving to my university graduation ceremony. (If your childhood was seriously lacking and you’re not sure what I’m talking about, enlighten yourself here.)

Oh god Misty is just carrying around her barbecued bike; what on earth is that going to accomplish?

Jessie and James pretending to be all sinister and badass is really hard to handle right now. I can feel all the future second hand embarrassment welling up inside me already.

Chancey! Chancey! Chancey! I don’t wanna brag, but I do a really fabulous Chancey impression. I do quite a few decent Pokemon impressions, actually. If I get tipsy enough one night maybe I’ll do some Pokemon impressions on snapchat (username katsyxo, yo). Who knows?

Look at that computer though. Windows 98 if it’s lucky. And why is it just now occurring to me that it’s weird that their phones are hooked up to computers?

“Oh I see. I dialed the Pokemon Center in Viridian City and you answered.” Wow. Real bright one you are, Oak. That degree is really working for you.

Misty is apparently ripped as shit. She’s just carrying her toasted bike around with one hand like its nothing. Inspiration for days.

“Coughing turns into Weezing because we’re so clever.” – Pokemon writers, probably.

“Ekans because they’ll never realize it’s just snake spelled backwards.” – Pokemon writers, probably.

Ash: “You’re not getting pikachu!”

Jessie: “We’re not interested in your precious electric rat.”

Am I the only one who consistently misread and mispronounced Ratata? I always wanted to say Ratatata. Like Rat-uh-taat-tuh. I don’t know why.

Aww Misty. I feel you on the goldeen thing. It’s the only pokemon I ever seemed to get in Smash.

When did they hook the bike up to anything? He’s just peddling and its magically generating power. And not disintegrating which seems equally unlikely.

Wow. A female character who’s afraid of bugs. Really strained yourself coming up with that quirk, didn’t ya?

“Will Ash capture the caterpie?” This cliffhanger, though. How will I survive the suspense??

“Will Misty ever get a new bicycle? All the answers on the next Pokemon!”

I’ve seen the next 100+ episodes and that bike does not get resolved. I call bullshit on you mister announcer man.

Poke Rap Guy: “There’s 150 Pokemon; you gotta name them ALL”

I wonder how many episodes I’ll get through before I break out the vodka ice. I wonder if that will make me more or less funny. Only time will tell.

I have a friend I think I’m going to bring on as a guest liveblogger to do these with me. I’ll still be in every post, but sometimes there will be two of us commenting and I’ll color code the thoughts based on who writes them. He’s fab you’ll love him. Thoughts?

Make sure to read my live blog of episode 3 to find out if Ash catches that caterpie! I know the suspense is killing you!