May Gamer Girl Monthly Unboxing!


Sorry that this post is a bit late this month. My Gamer Girl Monthly box took a detour with USPS before finally finding my house.

If you don’t know, Gamer Girl Monthly is a monthly subscription box that sends out gaming inspired jewelry and accessories every month. The theme for the May box was Attack. Let’s have a looksy at what I got!

First we have a Final Fantasy inspired gunblade necklace.


If you’ve been reading my unboxing posts for awhile, you already know that I have never actually played Final Fantasy. I realize this is basically gaming sacrileg, but it is what it is. All the same, the concept of a gunblade is something I can 100% get on board with, because it just looks really badass.

I was super excited about this next one. When I finally got my box the first thing I noticed was the it smelled really good, and that seemed a bit odd. When I opened it up I found this awesome bath bomb waiting for me!


There were five possible Final Fantasy inspired bath bombs you could have received; mine was called Chocobo Lure, which means absolutely nothing to me, but seriously it smelled amazing. The scent wasn’t quite as strong as I was hoping it would be when I actually used it, but it was still really nice and did turn my water a lovely purple. I’m afraid I might have to give in and start ordering from lush soon; these are so much fun!

Next we have a Halo inspired energy sword ring!


Isn’t this pretty? I kind of hate the Halo games to be honest (more from association with particular people than from the game itself, but still), but I think I’m still probably going to wear this just because it is super cool looking, and I doubt too many people are going to immediately recognize it as being inspired by Halo and start giving me shit for it. But hey, who knows?

And last, but certainly not least, these awesome Playstation button earrings!


Now THIS is something I can get behind. If you don’t know, I am a Sony fangirl for life. I have never and will never give Microsoft a cent of my gaming fund and frankly Xbox can kiss my Sony loving ass. I’m still pretty in love with my gold retro controller earrings from last month’s box, but I will definitely be alternating them with these in the future.

Honestly, I don’t actually play any of the games that were featured, so this was a less exciting month for me than previous ones, but the featured games are hugely popular so I know that this must have been a fantastic box for a lot of others. Plus you don’t really have to be a Final Fantasy fan to love a good bath bomb, so that was a winner either way!

However, the ladies at Gamer Girl Monthly are fantastic freaking people and they sent me a few surprises as a graduation present! I knew they were planning on doing it, because they asked me what a few of my favorite games were so they had an idea of what to send me, but by the time I finally got my box I had completely forgotten about it. It was such an awesome surprise to find these hiding in my box!

Charmander Pokemon Plushie Legend of Zelda Tattoo

How CUTE is this Charmander?? He is now sitting happily alongside my Lapras and Sylveon plushies <3 And as everyone knows I am Zelda trash, so you cannot go wrong with anything LoZ related in my book. I seriously cannot get over how thoughtful this was. To the fabulous ladies at Gamer Girl Monthly, thank you so much again.

And there we have it for the May box! The June theme is Anniversary and oh my gosh there are so many directions they could take that in; I cannot wait to see what they do with it! Want to get your own Gamer Girl Monthly box? Pop over to and don’t forget to enter KATSY at checkout for $3 off your first month!