✦Half Year Resolutions: July Goals✦


I love July. It’s like New Year part 2. Time to sip on a strawberry daiquiri, forgive and forget all those resolutions long broken, and make the second half of the year your bitch.

I spent most of the first half of 2016 finishing up university. Know what your final semester in uni + 2 part time jobs leaves you with? Zero free time to work on personal goals and self-improvement, that’s what. Now that I am all graduated and still unemployed I have more free time to focus on my own projects and personal goals.

Right now, my main goals are to get a foot in the door of the digital media industry, to start becoming a fitness queen, and to make real tangible progress in my creative writing. With all that in mind, here are my goals for July!

July Goals

1. Write 30,000 words of Daughters of Dusk and Dawn (tentative title)

This is a novel that has been floating around in my mind for years. I’ve had the main characters worked out forever, but I kept getting board of the worlds I tried to put them in. I finally feel really good about this idea, and I am super excited to finally write it.

*Edit: it has come to my attention that for some reason the link to my WIP page for Camp NaNoWriMo is private. Which seems really dumb to me, but hey. So, here is the super vague NaNo synopsis of my novel:

Summer has come to Valarys, and princely suitors from across the continent have come in hopes of catching the eye of one of the Valarian princesses, who come of age at summer’s end. But behind the smiles and ball gowns, a dangerous game of politics is at work. Magic is fading from the Five Kingdoms, and its fate lies with the Throne of Valarys. And while some are desperate to return magic to their lands, others will do whatever it takes to ensure it dies for good.*

2. Get a job.

Please. My bank account misses being fed regularly. And while I’m quite good at saving my money, I’m pretty bored of not getting to spend it. Also I went to school for a long ass time and have the blinking eyes of my student loans staring at me in the distant darkness. They get closer ever day. Send help.


3. Run 5 days a week & do yoga 2 days a week.

Both my mental and physical health demand it. Get yo shit together, girl.


4. Complete the July Bookstagram Challenge

This is a thing I’m doing! I’ve always wanted to do an Instagram challenge, and now I finally have time so…

Here is the challenge I’m participating in, and here is where you can follow me to see all my pretty book photos!


5. Finish Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

There’s no reason for this one other than it’s just time. I never finished this game as a kid because my brothers kept “accidentally” deleting my file. Now I’m well over half-way finished with it and Ganon is going down.


That’s all for me this month! Do you have any goals for July? And if any of you are also participating in Camp NaNo please let me know!