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Quick Facts:
  • My brain absorbs movie quotes like a sponge; I’m basically a walking IMDB page.
  • I choose my starter Pokemon based on cuteness and I am not afraid to admit it.
  • I can speed run Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time up to the Spirit/Shadow Temples. Then things get a little hazy.
  • I’m 100% Ravenclaw for life.
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Let me explain…No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I was an early nerd bloomer. Books were my gateway drug; I was an obsessive reader right from the moment someone taught me how, and once my dad read me The Hobbit I was hooked. I was also picky; it was fantasy or nothing for me. If it had happened or ever could happen, I wanted nothing to do with it. Realistic fiction has too many rules, I would adamantly insist. I’ve gotten over this little road bump, thankfully, though I think it took me until high school to decide something without a dragon on the cover might be worth picking up.

Like my love of reading, my love of Nintendo started before my memories really kick in. My brother and I spent hours in our grandparents’ basement playing Super Mario Bros on the SNES. Neither of us ever beat the damn thing, but I logged enough hours into it that I still remember where more of the secrets are for the first few worlds. When we play on the WiiU now I’m the one shouting “you missed a mushroom” from the back, which evidently people don’t find helpful. Whatever.

The SNES was great and all, but the award for starting my obsession (and stealing a lot of hours of my childhood) goes to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I used to spend hours just watching my Dad play, and eventually he let me start messing around on his file. When we finally got a copy to play at our Mom’s house I logged practically every free second into it. I have vivid memories of sitting in my second grade classroom with the Gerudo Valley theme stuck in my head. I think it might be the only game that I got more obsessed with than my brother. I have since gotten addicted to plenty of other games (lord knows a lot of my neck issues probably stem from playing Pokemon on my handhelds), but Legend of Zelda remains, to this day, my absolute favorite franchise. I still get excited, nostalgic chills whenever I turn on Ocarina and hear the title music start.

What my reading and gaming addictions, along with all of my future television obsessions, really come down is a passionate love of stories. I love immersing myself into other worlds and getting to live through my favorite characters. Obviously I have since also gotten super addicted to non-story-based games (please never ask me how many hours I’ve logged into Minecraft; I am literally begging you), but that is still where my obsession really started. I know a lot of people think reading and gaming are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but for me they have always been two sides of the same coin.

It was never going to be enough for me to simply enjoy other people’s stories; there was only one possible outcome to having so story obsessed a mind. So, when I was a kid I decided I was going to be a writer. And as it turned out writing was not something I sucked at. To this day it remains one of the only things that has ever come naturally to me, and I have only gotten better over the years of practice. I still have pages and pages of loose leaf notebook paper with the beginnings of stories scribbled across them in faded, smudged pencil. I was great at starting stories, but I never did manage to finish any of them. What can I say? Endings are hard. Years later endings are still hard, actually, but I have never once lost my need to write, my passion for stories, or my determination to one day have a book with my name on it on a Barnes and Noble shelf.

Combine having this much nerd swirling around in one head with being surrounded by people who didn’t (still don’t) understand how or why I get so attached to fictional characters, and you have the starter pack for someone destined to end up living on the internet. I started my first blog in January of 2012. There have been 2 domain changes and a few hiatuses since then, but I’m still here and more determined than ever to share my nerd with the world.

I loved stories so much I decided to make a professional go of it. In April of 2016 I graduated from Grand Valley State University with degrees in English and History. During my five years at GV I acquired a taste for pop culture criticism and added feminist killjoy to the list of things bored men on Twitter decide to shout at me. I also spent four of those five years working as a writing consultant at my university’s Writing Center, which has been undoubtedly the most amazing experience I could have ever asked for, both professionally and personally.

Tl;Dr – I’m a nerd of many passions and Katsyxo is the lovechild of most of them. Whether you’re looking for book or anime recommendations, new games to play, or some tips on writing your own story, I’ve got you covered.

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