Organizations to Support

organizations to support donate protest trump

Words of love and support are great, but they are not enough to protect the tens of millions of marginalized people in the United States, especially not from 4 years under a Trump Administration. If you really want to support and stand with the people (and the environment!) whose rights and safety are being threatened by Trump’s Administration, start by donating to one or more of the following organizations.

*This list is continuously being updated. Leave a comment or tweet @katsyxo if there is an organization you’d like me to add.*

  1. Inner City Foundation
  2. Planned Parenthood
  3. The Trevor Project
  4. African American Policy Forum
  5. American Civil Liberties Union
  6. American Immigration Council
  7. Center for Reproductive Rights
  8. Equal Justice Initiative
  9. PEN America
  10. Sierra Club
  11. NextGen
  12. Southern Poverty Law Center
  13. Transgender Law Center
  14. American Association of People with Disabilities
  15. Disability Rights Advocates
  16. Mental Health America
  17. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  18. National Urban League
  19. National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights
  20. Lambda Legal
  21. Literacy Forward
  22. Association on American Indian Affairs
  23. Native American Rights Fund